Xing hou gui 邢侯簋

Xing hou gui 邢侯

Xing hou gui 邢侯簋

Nom : Xing hou gui 邢侯簋.

Époque : dynastie Zhou.

Origine : .

Lieu actuel : The British Museum.

Dimensions :
—Hauteur : 18,5 cm

Inscription :


pinyin :
wei san yue wang ming Rong li nei shi
yue gai Xing Hou fu ci chen san
pin Zhou ren Dong ren Yong ren bai
ji shou lu tian zi zao jue shun
fu ke ben zou shang xia di wu zhong ming
yu you zhou zhui xiao dui bu gan
zhui shao zhen fu meng zhen chen tian zi
yong ce wang ming zuo Zhou gong yi
traduction anglaise:
Precisely in the third month the king issued his decree to Rong and the Inner Court Scribe,
announcing: ‘Assist the Marquis of Xing in his [ritual] observances! I give you three
kinds of servants: Zhou people, Dong people and Yong people.’
We [Rong and the Inner Court Scribe) cross our hands and lower our heads to praise the son of heaven for effecting this favour and blessing,
which are able to reach and to mingle [among the spirits] above and below. May Di, the High Ancestor, not end the mandate
for the existence of the Zhou. We will honour our deceased ancestors and in response [to this decree] will not dare
to fail [in our misson]. We will carry our fortunate pledge and long serve the son of heaven.
Using a record of the king’s decree we made this vessel for the Duke of Zhou.
Inscription Comment: Translation after Moore 2000


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